Why You Need A Commercial Litigation Attorney


Why Hire a Commercial Litigation Attorney?

Jul 30, 2021

Why You Need A Commercial Litigation Attorney
Commercial litigation is a broad category of legal issues, which are usually related to the operation of a business. These cases can range from contract disputes to shareholder battles and more. Whether you’re an individual, corporation, partnership, or LLC in California’s Bay Area, a commercial litigation attorney in San Jose could help you navigate complex legal issues.

What Does a Commercial Litigation Attorney Do?

From the day that you start a business, you’re required to understand numerous legal guidelines and standards. A commercial litigation lawyer can help you set up a business with the proper compliance from the beginning. While this minimizes your risk of getting sued, you will encounter legal situations in your operations.

Some of the areas that a commercial litigation attorney handles include:

  • Business organizations
  • Contracts
  • Liabilities
  • Zoning
  • Copyright and trademark concerns
  • Stakeholder issues
  • Partnerships
  • Fraud
  • Franchise disputes

Hopefully, you can avoid lawsuits by setting up your business correctly and following the law. However, business disputes do happen. If you have a commercial litigation attorney who understands your business, they can help you resolve your case without spending unnecessary money and time.

Why Should I Hire A Commercial Litigation Lawyer?

Hiring a commercial litigation attorney protects you and your business. This type of lawyer understands the ins and outs of the industry. Business legislation is constantly changing. While you focus on your business, your lawyer can handle disputes based on the current landscape and case law precedents.

One benefit of hiring an attorney specializing in commercial litigation is that they will have access to case law on everything from zoning and environmental issues to how these laws may affect businesses in different industries. This knowledge base may make you aware of upcoming legislation or court decisions before these happen, which will allow you plenty of time to plan accordingly.

If legal issues arise, having an attorney on hand who has experience with these matters will go far in determining what steps need to be taken to avoid costly damages. Without legal advice, business owners could mishandle disputes, costing themselves money and their reputation.

Areas Where a Commercial Lawyer Can Help You

A commercial litigation attorney in San Jose can assist you in the following areas.

Understand the Laws Surrounding Your Business

Do you know your rights when it comes to the legal issues surrounding your business? We do. When you work with us, we simplify complicated legal concepts to ensure that you comply with them.

This offers a dose of prevention. Avoid unnecessary charges and proceedings by establishing suitable procedures. When you’re in doubt or have a question, it helps to have an experienced commercial litigation attorney on your side.

Contract Disputes

A contract is a legally binding document. When a contract is breached, at least one of the parties failed to adhere to the agreement. You might run into issues related to non-compete clauses, restrictive covenants, breaches of duty by fiduciaries or third parties, and various other provisions found in agreements between two or more parties.

An experienced commercial litigation attorney can provide alternative options for conflict resolution, such as mediation or arbitration. In many cases, we can help you resolve the dispute without the costs associated with a trial.

Legal Representation

If your case goes to trial, it helps to support someone who understands the particulars of your industry. You may not be able to avoid the legal expenses that are associated with the lawsuit. However, hiring the right attorney who develops a customized litigation strategy for your case can provide you with the compensation you deserve and protect your interests.

Legal disputes can get expensive. Even if you have set up your business operations effectively, one case could derail your profits. If you’re looking for a commercial litigation attorney in San Jose, contact Nick Heimlich Law to schedule a consultation.

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