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As a business litigation attorney in San Jose focusing on business litigation in San Jose, Nick Heimlich Law has proven success with an impressive list of successful case results. The principal Nick Heimlich is a litigation attorney San Jose who focuses on commercial litigation. Experience is one of the most important things you need to consider when hiring your legal representation.

Attorney Nick Heimlich represents small and large businesses in business litigation in San Jose and is a corporate litigation lawyer advising with faithful expertise and proficiency. Nick Heimlich is a corporate litigation lawyer with proven success in representing his clients in business law. Whatever the case may be, you need proper representation from a lawyer with expertise in business litigation in San Jose. The Nick Heimlich Law firm has expertly handled cases dealing with the above legal matters predominantly in the San Jose area.

How to Hire a Litigation Attorney:

how to hire a litigation attorney nick heimlich law

First, discuss whether your attorney has commercial litigation attorney skills in handling cases. A proven record of success is the best way to find a business litigation attorney in San Jose. One of the most important things to consider is discussing with your attorney similar cases — make sure they have handled cases that relate to the legal dispute. For more details on Nick Heimlich Law practice areas click here.

In business litigation law, a lawyer who has won several cases in commercial litigation lawyer areas of skill and expertise that is vital to note. Business disputes happen when a company’s shareholders stop trusting each other the argument goes beyond conversation into court meetings. Nick Heimlich Law is accomplished in business disputes. It’s essential to be confident that your corporate litigation lawyer has handled and, more importantly, resolved successful outcomes for their clients.

Nick Heimlich Law Focuses on Business Litigation Lawyer Expertise

nick heimlich law focuses on business litigation lawyer expertise

Nick Heimlich Law has handled several business disputes. To hire a litigation lawyer who can meet your objectives, past cases not only should be similar to yours but also resolved proficiently. The successes of our business litigation attorney in San Jose team are many. Heimlich and associates are familiar with commercial litigation disputes.

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  • Trademarks
  • Intellectual Property

Business Formation

Disputes often stem from a lack of full disclosure of company revenue or expenses. Benefits and salary disagreements can also be why you need to hire a business litigation attorney in San Jose.

Trademark Filing and Litigation

Companies may go beyond protecting their valid trademarks to using them in an anti-competitive way to prevent competitors from providing similar products. One must be diligent in policing its trademarks so as not to dilute your value to customers and protect your trademark rights. Nick Heimlich Law has represented clients in trademark disputes before the Trademark Trial, Appeal Board, and Federal Court.


A hardship can be imposed on your business when someone steals from you. The stolen good or unpaid service could have helped a paying customer. Your business loses profit, and your customer loses a valuable product or service.

Investment Fraud

Failure to provide a company’s material information related to its sale of shares. If there are multiple shareholders, this has often been the cause of many legal disputes.

For many more possible causes of legal disputes within a business, your business litigation attorney in San Jose must be experienced. The Nick Heimlich Law team has handled many cases of business litigation in San Jose clients and won cases for them with proficiency and skill. Corporate litigation lawyer expertise is what the Nick Heimlich Law firm has been built on.

Hire A Litigation Lawyer You Can Count On

Consider a business litigation attorney in San Jose with accomplished expertise in business litigation in San Jose. Your problems with contract disputes can be handled masterfully by a team of proven commercial litigation attorney professionals. Consider the skill and knowledge of Heimlich Law.

  • Attorney Heimlich recently won $45,000,000 plus a settlement for a small business client. The Nick Heimlich Law Team has provided litigation lawyer proficiency for clients against large companies for breach of contract cases, among other commercial litigation needs.
  • Another client was able to save $1,000,000 alongside the expertise of Nick Heimlich Law within a franchise dispute. A Minnesotan hotel owner saved more than a million due to choosing the right lawyer for business litigation in San Jose.
  • The Nick Heimlich Law Team has vast experience with business litigation in San Jose. Over just three months, Heimlich’s expertise helped a small business win a California contract dispute that granted a small business over $1 million in shipment from a supplier refusing to deliver.

Saving Small and Large Businesses is the Foundation of Nick Heimlich Law

Saving small and large businesses is what this law practice has been built on. Similarly, in Minnesota, a franchise dispute was won for a client that saved them over a million without going through a court litigation attorney.

Nick Heimlich Law also represented a franchisee against an international hotel corporation. The case was settled in favor of the franchisee, saving our client more than half a million dollars.

You want a business litigation attorney in San Jose with an excellent track record in business litigation in San Jose on your side when represented in court and to win more than expected. Interstate experience, from California to Minnesota, the Nick Heimlich Law Team has a wide range of expertise in commercial litigation.

  • Preventative Assistance — Be protected with preventative legal assistance and counseling. Nick Heimlich and his team can provide legal support before a breach of contract occurs.
  • Reviewing Contracts — Minimize costs that may arise in business disputes. Nick Heimlich suggests reviews for contracts worth $10,000 or more and so not considered a small claim by the state of California.

A Personalized Litigation Attorney Strategy for Each Case

Representing individuals to small businesses, Nick Heimlich Law’s corporate counseling and corporate litigation lawyer services include entity selection, contracts, corporate formalities, and trademark applications.

Counselor Heimlich’s litigation experience is broad. He advises on matters of business formation, business disputes such as breach of contracts, trademark, fraud, partnership disputes, and franchise disputes. We handle each client’s case with a personalized litigation attorney strategy that fits into your unique objectives.


Can I Take My Case Through Mediation Or Arbitration?

Mediation and arbitration have become popular ways to solve disputes between two or more warring parties. These two methods of solving cases are called alternative dispute resolution (ADR). They are less cumbersome than the traditional court system of solving disputes. Nick Heimlich Law is a business litigation attorney in San Jose who has built a reputation for settling disagreements between parties that could not agree.

The primary distinction between mediation and arbitration in litigation law is the process used to resolve a conflict.

In business law, mediation is the process that is typically carried out by a lone mediator who facilitates discussion and ultimately resolves the conflict rather than passing judgment on the case. It is a voluntary process that does not force a result on clients like a trial or arbitration. Mediators assist parties in settling by facilitating communication, gathering relevant details, and offering suggestions.

Arbitration is a formal litigation process usually conducted by a single arbitrator or sometimes a panel of arbitrators or business litigation attorneys who act as private judges. The decisions made are legally binding. The decisions are called Arbitration Awards. These Arbitration Awards can be entered in a proper Court as needed.

In most commercial disputes, mediation is preferred over arbitration since the involved parties have more control over the outcome and can participate in the agreement. However, a business attorney points out that there are still drawbacks to using both dispute resolution methods depending on the details of your case. Before you decide, explore all options and consult with a business litigation attorney in San Jose.

Is It Possible To Appeal Mediation Or Arbitration Results?

It is extremely difficult to appeal an Arbitration Award (an arbitration decision on who wins a case). While it is possible under the Federal Arbitration Act, the grounds are limited to instances where the arbitrator was corrupt, biased, or abused his authority or very limited reasons. For simplicity, one should expect that an Arbitration Award is not likely to be appealed and even if tried, will fail. Arbitrators are not required to get the law or legal standard correct. Although Arbitrators generally make every effort to follow the law, you cannot appeal an Arbitration Award by claiming the Arbitrator applied the law wrongly like you could in Court. In the case of mediation, you are not legally obligated to accept the outcomes or terms. However, if a mediation results in a settlement, there is usually a settlement agreement drafted that is enforceable against the parties. For further litigation advice, visit our business litigation firm in San Jose.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer For My Business?

Having a business litigation attorney in San Jose on your team ensures proven preventative measures and allows dispute resolution on your ideal terms, given the circumstances. If you’re in the middle of a commercial dispute in San Jose, contact our business litigation attorney in San Jose immediately.

There are many possible commercial disputes when operating a business. Both small and large business owners can attest to the necessity of having a business litigation attorney. A business litigation attorney in San Jose with specific knowledge of your industry will help you avoid business disputes you were unaware of, saving you significant time and resources.

What Is The General Process For A Business Dispute?

The first step is to solve the dispute through negotiation. It’s a plus when disputes, if they arise, can be settled through negotiation as stipulated in litigation law, saving the involved parties time and resources. However, there are always disagreements in which the parties are unable to come to an agreement and require the assistance of a business litigation attorney in San Jose to help them find a resolution.

Rather than filing a lawsuit in the early stages of resolving a dispute, a company in San Jose may want to seek advice from a business attorney. The goal is for all involved parties to fully understand their legal position in the conflict and any potential remedies.

Two solutions will probably be considered if a business dispute goes to court. The first is the compensation of financial damages agreed by a business litigation attorney. It is the most common type of relief a successful civil lawsuit provides for breach of contract.

The second solution in litigation law would be an equitable remedy. An illustration would be when a business litigation attorney or court decides to void a contract and declare that the parties are no longer obligated by it according to business law.

For more advice on business dispute resolution, consult Nick Heimlich Law for the best business litigation attorneys in San Jose.

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