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$45,000,000+ settlement, breach of contract, business torts

Pursued multi-forum aggressive litigation strategy to achieve a favorable settlement on behalf of a small business owner against a publicly traded multi-billion dollar Company within 3 months of the breach of contract.

$1,000,000+ savings, franchise dispute

Assisted hotel owner in Minnesota and had a franchise dispute with a publicly-traded billion dollar international Hotel Company. Achieved result through extensive legal research of Minnesota franchise law and similar franchise dispute cases to settle case for $1 million less than the original demand without litigation.

$1,000,000 settlement, breach of contract, business torts

Our firm was retained because a small business owner was unable to get his business started due to a supplier refusing to deliver items. The whole business was at risk of failure due to this supplier’s actions. We filed suit and negotiated aggressively to settle case within 3 months and the business got off the ground and our client took delivery of items valued at approximately $1 Million.

$930,000 recovery of real estate, bankruptcy, creditor representation

Represented a secured creditor in a business bankruptcy. Pursued secured debt, obtained relief from bankruptcy stay to obtain real estate from bankruptcy, foreclosed property and obtained real estate for client. Real estate was appraised at approximately $930,000.

$500,000+ savings, franchise dispute

Nick Heimlich represented a franchisee hotel owner in dispute regarding liquidated damages, promissory notes, and franchise fees against a billion dollar international Hotel Company. Performed extensive factual accounting and comprehensive legal research of legal and factual defenses to settle litigation quickly and at lower cost to client. Saved client over $500,000 from the original demand of the opposing party.

$250,000+ savings, franchise dispute

Represented a hotel owner against a billion dollar publicly traded Hotel Company. Reviewed case for client including claims for liquidated damages, and breach of contract of the franchise agreement. Performed thorough legal and factual research of defenses to effectively resolve dispute for more than $250,000 less than originally demanded by the opposing party.

These are actual case resolutions. Each case is unique and the firm cannot guarantee, represent, or imply that the results of your case will be similar to the cases discussed on this site.

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