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The web occupies so much of our time that we forget our actions on the web can have a very large impact both on ourselves and others.

Attorney Nick Heimlich has advised companies regarding website disputes with issues such as trademark infringement, copyright infringement as to the look and feel of a website, initial interest confusion (websites which make you think you are going to one company instead of another), and many more.

Attorney Nick Heimlich can advise you on legal issues related to your website whether you have received a letter from another party, or you proactively wish to avoid issues. There is no guarantee of avoiding all issues, but prompt advice from an attorney helps to minimize and find ways to try to deal with issues as they come up.

Sometimes competitors will copy a website and then attempt to divert the customers to a different website. For example, Acme Company sells anvils and uses the www.acmecompany.com domain. Then, a company, call them Acme2 Company (not affiliated with Acme Company) copies all of the content on Acme’s website, including all photos, text, names, but phone numbers and address are different. Then Acme2 says it sells anvils too and uses the same photos for the product, the same description. There are a few avenues to pursue this, both in court and with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) that deals with website domains. Of course, there are the more cooperative methods of trying to resolve it directly with the person. If that does not work, a take-down notice could be done to try to have these websites taken down because of their infringement on either trademark or copyrights.

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