Nick Heimlich Law is your trusted Business Attorney partner for all your commercial real estate legal needs in San Jose. As the leading authority in the field, we bring unparalleled expertise, experience, and dedication to resolving many real estate issues.

Whether you’re a business owner navigating commercial leases, dealing with co-owner disputes, or seeking assistance in alternative dispute resolution, our firm is committed to ensuring you obtain quality legal representation.

We pride ourselves on being the attorneys for commercial real estate matters in San Jose. With a deep understanding of state, local, and federal laws, we have successfully represented numerous clients, providing them with sound legal advice and strategic solutions.

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Our team of experienced real estate attorneys specializes in addressing legal issues faced by individuals and entities, particularly those with small businesses encountering real estate challenges.

For small businesses that have a dispute with their landlord regarding unpaid rent or have even been sued by their landlord for non-payment of rent, we can advise you of the options available to defend yourself in such a lawsuit. If a small business is concluding a lease or shutting down operations, we offer valuable advice on navigating the exit process and mitigating potential legal complications.

Our real estate attorneys have successfully handled cases where lease agreements evolve into lawsuits, such as instances where landlords sue for unpaid rent. We bring extensive experience to defending commercial tenants against breach of contract claims arising from real estate leases.

At our law firm, we aid in resolving challenges related to joint real estate ownership through mechanisms like partition agreements. Partition is a legal remedy used when multiple owners of property cannot figure out what do to with a property and allows an owner to force the sale of the property. Trust us for sound legal guidance and effective representation in your real estate matters.


Commercial Lease Agreements

Our forte lies in assisting small businesses with various aspects of commercial lease agreements. Whether you’re entering a new lease, leaving a property, or facing legal issues arising from a lease agreement, our real estate attorney is your partner. We specialize in exit strategies, and defense against breach of contract cases.

Exit Strategies: Circumstances change, and businesses may find themselves needing to exit a lease agreement. Whether you’re closing down operations or relocating, our real estate lawyer provides strategic guidance on navigating the complexities of lease exits. We assist in minimizing legal risks, negotiating favorable terms, and ensuring a smooth transition.

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Defense Against Breach of Contract Cases: In the unfortunate event of a breach of contract dispute, Nick Heimlich Law is your steadfast advocate. Our real estate attorney leverages experience in defending commercial tenants facing legal actions related to real estate leases. We work tirelessly to protect your interests and seek favorable resolutions, whether through negotiation or litigation.



Commercial landlords must decide if they are to allow their tenants to sublet their property. If they choose to do so, there must be a clear definition of responsibilities from the owner, tenant, and sublet tenant.

If you are being sued about a commercial lease in San Jose, contact Nick Heimlich Law. Our firm has years of experience and knowledge in real estate law.

Real Estate Purchases and Sales

Navigating the complexities of real estate transactions is crucial. Attorney Heimlich handles issues post-sale, including non-disclosure allegations and disputes arising from joint real estate ownership. 

Disputes Arising from Joint Real Estate Ownership: When multiple parties are involved in real estate ownership, disputes may arise. Our experienced real estate attorneys offer comprehensive services to address joint ownership issues. From resolving disagreements to drafting partition agreements, We ensure that your rights are clearly defined and protected.

Resolving Ownership Disputes Through Partition Agreements or lawsuits: In cases where disputes among co-owners threaten the stability of real estate holdings, we facilitate resolution through partition agreements. This legal process, overseen by a dedicated real estate attorney, allows for the fair division of property, ensuring each party receives their rightful share.

At Nick Heimlich Law, our commitment is to provide comprehensive and tailored legal services to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the realm of commercial real estate.


  1. Expertise in Commercial Leases: Our legal firm is your top choice for negotiating and drafting commercial lease agreements. We ensure that your rental arrangement is fair and legally sound, covering aspects such as rent amount, lease duration, and property usage.
  2. Renowned Real Estate Attorney: Our extensive experience in real estate law makes us the leading expert in San Jose. Our commitment to securing favorable outcomes for clients sets our firm apart.
  3. Strategic Legal Solutions: Whether you’re dealing with lease renewals, future rental rates negotiations, or subleasing considerations, our firm provides strategic solutions tailored to your specific needs.

It’s crucial to look for a lawyer real estate expert, but with us, you know you’re in the right place.


Ensure a solid legal foundation for your commercial real estate endeavors by reaching out to Nick Heimlich Law. Contact the leading real estate attorney in San Jose for expert advice and representation.
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C O Lee Boyce Jr
C O Lee Boyce Jr
Nick provided me sage advice with my issue. He was efficient, thoughtful, and good natured about the whole process.
David Duckworth
David Duckworth
I recently received legal advice from Nick and he was very professional and easy to talk to. He gave us great advice and I would definitely use him again if needed. Thank you Nick!
Rebecca Bauer
Rebecca Bauer
Nick was excellent! Very knowledgeable, asks great questions, and quickly understood the situation and was able to give great advice. I so appreciated his time, insight, and expertise in assisting with our situation. Highly recommend!
Charles Chen
Charles Chen
Mr. Heimlich has been very responsive to my case and provided extraordinarily useful advice. Thank you!
Mario Cassara
Mario Cassara
Nick Heimlich was very professional and knowledgeable in my case. He left a lot of the worrisome I had in my case to the expert and was very good at what he does. I will recommend Nick to anyone who needs council!Much appreciative,Mario
Taryn Harada
Taryn Harada
This was the first time ever needing a lawyer for something, I was a bit frantic and overwhelmed with everything going on, but Nick and his team were very professional and honest, and made me feel at ease about my case. They were even professional and cool with the opposing attorney even though she was being unprofessional at times. In the end, they were able to settle my case and bring me a satisfying outcome. If you're ever in a bind and need a business lawyer, I highly recommend Nick and his team.
Jay Kamdar
Jay Kamdar
I am an officer at a company that provides B2B Demand Generation services to marketing and sales. Over a number of years, I've worked with Nick Heimlich for legal services. He has advised me well and helped to represent the company in multiple legal disputes including in Court. I am very satisfied with his work and highly recommend him.
Rami Gideoni
Rami Gideoni
I needed some legal consultation and per recommendation I received, I have approached Nicholas. He got back to me quickly and provided great service, he was patient, professional and knowledgeable. His advise is much appreciated, it cleared the situation, draw the next steps to follow and placed my mind to peace .I would definitely recommend his service.
Nick answered all of my questions with direct and concise answers to my situation. Thank you!
Abe Honest
Abe Honest
Mr Heimlich was very professional kind and knowledgeable when I give him a call. I was calling to hire an attorney for an tenant and landlord dispute. I had a particular issue that Mr Heimlich took time to completely listen to me. unfortunately the area I needed help was not an area that Mr Nick practiced. but he was not hesitant to give me some leads and direct me to the right place. he's a man of character and cares about what he does, I can only imagine his level of excellence in his area of expertise. he's a man of great character and I would recommend him for anyone to give him a call and talk to him. thank you very much Nick. thank you for caring .
Tilo S
Tilo S
Nick was very helpful when I needed legal advice.Thank you!
Bay Small Moves
Bay Small Moves
I entered into a membership contract that had unreasonable cancellation requirements. I went to Nick through my company’s employee assistance program. Nick did thorough research and found that the contract term exceeded term limits allowed by California law. As a result, I was able to cancel the contract without any penalty. I was very satisfied with the outcome.
Andyn79 Nguyen
Andyn79 Nguyen
He wasn't able to take me as a client but had about 10 mins so he told me tell me and just from that i was able to be clear and did win from really dishonest people. So i am thank you telling the truth gets it's own reward
Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Nick was very helpful when I needed assistance dissolving an LLC. Not only did he create the appropriate documentation, but he educated me on the process. His guidance was invaluable, and everything resolved smoothly. I would certainly use his services again in the future.
Bonnie Nevitt
Bonnie Nevitt
My family cannot thank Nick enough. We needed a business litigation attorney for a lawsuit that was going to trial, he not only took the time to understand the complexities of the case but was able to convey that to the judge. He was able to get us amazing results. Hands down the best attorney we have ever worked with.
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