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A hardship is imposed on your business when someone steals from you. The stolen good or unpaid for services could have been directed to a paying customer. You lose profit and your customer loses a valuable product or service.

Collections are often an issue for a business. Attorney Nick Heimlich can advise you on how to deal with delinquent customers and how to minimize or avoid accruing accounts receivables.

collections a leading business attorney san jose law firm nick heimlich lawWhen dealing with customers, a business must make clear that it intends to be paid for its goods or services and to communicate that message firmly, but professionally. Talking with the customers by phone if possible can sometimes reveal why a customer is not paying their bill and may provide a way for the parties to work out a resolution that works for both parties. Being flexible with payment terms, or payment type within reason can sometimes resolve situations.

One of the key decisions you make whether you realize it or not is when to stop providing goods and/or services. You can’t always predict who will stop paying. But, you can control when you stop providing goods and/or services and if there is a contract involved and you are worried about legal liability if you cease providing the goods and/or services, you should contact our firm as you may have a legal defense if the customer is not paying and is breaching your contract.

Attorney Nick Heimlich can advise you on whether a lawsuit, negotiation, or correspondence can be used to help address unpaid accounts. Collections often come up with contracts for services or goods, or with orders placed but not paid for.

Do not delay the law limits the time you have to protect your rights and pursue your claim. Attorney Nick Heimlich will discuss your situation with you and see what options are available to you.

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