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I have handled cases involving amounts in dispute ranging in dollar value from under $100,000 to $50,000,000 during my career.

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Attorney Nick Heimlich works with other attorneys as a team to help support your legal needs.

Those attorneys, along with Mr. Heimlich, have a combined experience of 72 years of legal knowledge to assist you with your legal needs.

Litigation For Small Businesses And Individuals Contact Nick Heimlich Law

We focus on Litigation for Small Businesses and Individuals

A Leading Business Attorney San Jose Law Firm

Nick Heimlich Law focuses in legal advocacy that moves your business forward. Our expertise in business litigation and corporate advising has brought countless victories to clients. With a focus on small business and individuals, our brilliant team of business attorneys will lead you to a successful resolution. We are an experienced San Jose business litigation law firm that fights for our clients’ objectives each step of the way.

We are more than advocates, and handle our clients with care and competence. Alongside the leadership and expertise of attorney Nick Heimlich, our team offers masterful San Jose business litigation lawyer proficiency. We have handled many cases against large publicly traded companies in State and Federal Courts throughout California.

Our firm handles all of our cases with straightforward litigation. Nick Heimlich Law has a wide breadth of business law experience, from advising on a business’ formation to business disputes. Our leading corporate attorney Nick Heimlich has defended clients in matters of fraud, partnership disputes, and franchise disputes. Our law team advises clients through all stages, including proper legal planning to prevent or minimize legal problems.

Nick Heimlich Law is ready to take action for you. We recognize that our clients need experienced and cost-effective lawyers. Be assured our team concentrates on moving businesses forward in fiscally conservative and productive ways. Let our law firm handle your business issues – we invite you to contact us.

Nick Heimlich Law Provides

Driven and Proven Advocacy

Nick Heimlich Law has won many significant victories for our clients. Our firm focuses on business law, corporate advising, trademarks, and intellectual property. Counselor Heimlich has also led aggressive multi-forum litigation against large publicly traded companies to small civil ligation cases. From winning a $45 million settlement for a breach of contract case to helping pass “Kaitlyn’s Law,” the Nick Heimlich Law firm has a proven record of success. We provide our clients with driven advocacy and proven results.

Our brilliant team of business attorneys understands firsthand how to move clients toward fruitful corporate governance and best practices. Our litigation experience is broad and covers general civil litigation including breach of contract, business disputes, collections, franchise law, fraud, corporate theft, real estate, and website disputes. We are familiar with the Department of Labor Standards and Enforcement (DLSE) in downtown San Jose. The principal Nick Heimlich has served as a San Jose litigation lawyer for both employers and employees before the DLSE.

As a small law firm, we have the flexibility and resources to provide meticulous care and competency. We keep our clients’ interests in mind throughout the entire process. The successes and achievements at Nick Heimlich Law have all been based on our clients’ objectives. We consider our work a civil service to the community and put our clients first.

hire a litigation lawyer you can count on nick heimlich law
means to tailor our legal advocacy

We Tailor Our Legal Advocacy and Expertise to Your Needs

Nick Heimlich Law considers the most cost-effective and efficient courses of action, more than other larger law firms. Our legal practice is built on a foundation of offering personalized litigation and legal assistance for every one of our clients. We recognize not all legal cases require massive litigation to achieve your objectives. Nick Heimlich Law is proud of our record of winning cases and advocating for our clients through careful and masterful means.

From large to small cases, the Nick Heimlich Law team provides clients with profound and heartfelt legal counsel. Many of our small business clients wonder how to avoid employment disputes, including wage and hour issues. These cases often involve a simple contract that was not paid, or in more complex situations a past corporate officer believes she or he is owed more of the company’s money. Counselor Heimlich has advised on many cases of this nature, from small disputes to multi-million dollar cases both from the plaintiff’s side, initiating the lawsuit, and defending lawsuits.

As a small law firm, we have the means to tailor our legal advocacy to your objectives, with the least amount of overhead. Our law team can offer flexibility, and the ability to customize our efforts and expertise around your goals. We focus on building strategies around your needs, providing tailored business litigation and corporate advising for all our clients.

We defend our clients with factual defenses combined with comprehensive analyses of the dispute. Our team is thorough and handles each case with care and detail. For many small businesses and individuals, our business attorneys have successfully saved clients thousands to millions of dollars by limiting their liability. Nick Heimlich Law achieves resolutions for our clients through cost-effective and artful legal advocacy.

A San Jose Business Law Firm

That Knows the Neighborhood

ceo nick heimlich lawNick Heimlich is a San Jose litigation lawyer with years of experience in representing individuals and businesses throughout the state of California. Counselor Heimlich has practiced throughout California in State and Federal Courts including the counties of Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, San Francisco, Orange, and San Diego. Nick Heimlich Law has had the honor of representing countless San Jose clients.

The principal, Nicholas D. Heimlich, is a lifelong San Jose resident. Mr. Heimlich grew up attending San Jose public schools and now serves his beloved hometown. He has also upheld executive roles, in an elected capacity, for the West Valley-Mission Community College District including President of its Board for a year and President of the affiliated Mission-West Valley Land Corporation.

Counselor Nick Heimlich has a profound business law mastery and passion for the local community. His well-trained leadership and legal advocacy skill has led the Nick Heimlich Law team to many victories. As a San Jose litigation lawyer, most of the firm’s cases have been in downtown San Jose. We have served so many of Santa Clara County and know the downtown courthouses of San Jose well. Our firm is also highly familiar with State and Federal court procedures and proceedings. We have worked on many hearings from the nearby historic San Jose courthouse to Federal courthouses. Our team has championed the legal cases of countless clients with small business lawyer San Jose needs. We are proud to serve the San Jose business community and beyond.

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