I have handled cases involving amounts in dispute ranging in dollar value from under $100,000 to $50,000,000 during my career.

Business Attorney in San Jose

The Law Offices of Nicholas D. Heimlich is a premier source for business law expertise in San Jose.

As a dedicated business attorney in San Jose, our firm is committed to providing top-notch legal solutions to businesses across various industries. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the complexities of business law, ensuring that each client receives personalized and effective legal advice.

Comprehensive Legal Solutions for Your Business

At the Law Offices of Nicholas D. Heimlich, we understand that navigating the legal landscape as a business attorney involves a nuanced comprehension of the law and a deep appreciation of each business’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Skilled in various facets of business law, our team offers a broad spectrum of services to address every legal need your business might face, including knowledge in dealing with regulatory bodies such as the Department of Labor Standards and Enforcement (DLSE).

Franchise Law and Litigation Expertise

Franchise law forms a cornerstone of our practice, reflecting our commitment to supporting startups and established businesses in this dynamic sector. Our approach as business lawyers is holistic, covering every legal aspect of franchising:

Business Licensing and Franchise Disclosure Document Review

In addition to conducting thorough reviews of Franchise Disclosure Documents, we also guide clients through the intricacies of business licensing, ensuring full compliance with all regulatory standards. This comprehensive approach is essential for safeguarding your business operating in a franchise against legal and operational risks.

Franchise Agreement Review and Modifications

Our expertise as business law attorneys extends to the meticulous review and modification of franchise agreements. It is important to understand what you are agreeing to with the franchise agreement. While it is hard to get lots of changes, a few key changes can be very important or a franchise agreement.
H4: Lease Agreement Review and Employee Advising
A robust franchise operation relies on well-structured lease agreements and sound employee relations. As your business lawyer, we offer comprehensive lease agreement reviews and expert advice on employee wage-hour issues, which is crucial for maintaining a legally compliant and operationally sound business.

Resolving Business and Contract Disputes

Business disputes often arise from broken agreements or communication failures. As your business lawyer, our firm excels in resolving these disputes, whether through astute negotiation or assertive litigation.

Legal Defense and Compensation Claims

We represent clients in seeking just compensation for services or products and staunchly defend against claims for payment due to broken business agreements. Our role as business law attorneys involves advocating for your rights and ensuring that justice is served in each case we undertake.

Negotiating Resolutions

Our firm excels in strategic negotiations in disputes over unpaid bills, focusing on key financial and contractual aspects. We aim to achieve resolutions that are not only favorable but also equitable, aligning with both the immediate and long-term objectives of our clients.

Real Estate and Website Disputes

Our expertise extends to handling complex real estate and website disputes, areas where precise legal knowledge meets the rapidly evolving demands of technology and property law. Whether it’s a matter of a lease disagreement or an online business conflict, our business lawyers are equipped to provide decisive and effective legal solutions.


Trademark Litigation and Intellectual Property Protection

In the ever-evolving and competitive landscape of today’s business world, the role of a business lawyer in protecting intellectual property assets becomes increasingly significant. At the Law Offices of Nicholas D. Heimlich, we understand the critical importance of securing and defending your business’s intellectual property. Our firm, backed by experienced business law attorneys, offers services in trademark litigation and intellectual property protection, ensuring that your valuable assets are safeguarded against infringement.

With a wealth of experience in both state and federal courts, our firm is adept at navigating the intricacies of various legal systems. This experience empowers us to advocate effectively for our clients in various legal contexts, offering them the advantage of a seasoned litigation team well-versed in diverse courtroom environments.

hire a litigation lawyer you can count on nick heimlich law

Dedicated Business Attorneys

Our firm’s principal, Business Attorney Nick Heimlich, is distinguished for his business litigation expertise and handling of commercial disputes.

His experience spans various facets of business law, making him an invaluable asset to businesses of all sizes. As a seasoned litigation attorney, Nick Heimlich focuses on resolving commercial disputes, ensuring that your business interests are not just protected but also strategically advanced. His dedication to his clients is evident in his commitment to providing proficient and reliable legal advice, solidifying his role as a trusted business law advocate.

Our Team’s Commitment to Business Legal Excellence

Our business lawyers possess extensive knowledge and experience handling diverse legal issues, from contract law to complex dispute resolution. This diversity equips us to address the various legal challenges businesses face today competently.

With a client-centric approach at our core, we strive to understand and meet each client’s unique needs, tailoring our legal services to their specific requirements. Our focus is on providing comprehensive, top-tier legal support to ensure the success and growth of your business.

we tailor our legal advocacy and expertise to your needs nick he

When Legal Expertise Matters: Our Role in Your Business Success

The role of a business attorney is crucial in ensuring the success and stability of any business. Our firm is equipped to provide the essential support your business needs in the complex legal landscape.

Navigating Complex Commercial Litigations

In commercial litigation, a strategic and knowledgeable approach is key, and this is where our expertise as business lawyers comes into play.

 Strategic Litigation

We employ targeted litigation strategies, focusing on breach of contract, intellectual property disputes, and business torts, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Wide-Ranging Industry Knowledge

Our experience spans various industries, including technology, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing, enabling us to provide relevant and effective legal solutions tailored to the specifics of each sector.

Assistance with Contractual Issues and Business Agreements

Understanding that contracts form the backbone of business operations, we offer expert assistance in all matters related to contracts and business agreements.

Contract Review and Enforcement

Our services include meticulously reviewing various contracts, such as employment agreements, vendor contracts, and partnership agreements, for clarity and enforceability. We also take decisive action when breaches occur, ensuring the protection of your rights.

Dispute Resolution Alternatives

We actively explore all avenues, including negotiation and arbitration, to resolve contractual disputes efficiently, aiming to reach amicable settlements while safeguarding your business interests.

Our thorough and detailed approach to contractual issues, as a seasoned business law attorney, ensures that your business agreements are not only legally sound but also effectively serve your business objectives.

ADR Services for Effective Dispute Resolution

Our firm’s commitment to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services provides clients with efficient, relationship-preserving ways to resolve disputes.

Expertise in ADR

With substantial experience in ADR methods, including mediation and arbitration, we offer our clients alternative, less adversarial paths to traditional litigation. This includes handling disputes in commercial agreements, employment issues, and shareholder disagreements.

Effective Conflict Resolution

Our focus lies in resolving disputes in an effective manner yet maintaining and respecting the ongoing business relationships, crucial for the continuity of business operations.

As your business lawyer, our emphasis on ADR reflects our dedication to resolving disputes efficiently while preserving the integrity of your business relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding business law can be complex, but we’re here to simplify it. This section covers various topics to help you navigate legal challenges and how we. Explore the questions below to learn more about our services and how we can assist you.

What types of business law services do you offer?

We provide comprehensive business law services, including contract negotiations, commercial dispute resolution, employer advising on wage and hour and employment issues, lawsuit defense, advising on breaches of contract, and more. Our goal is to meet all your legal needs to help your business thrive.

How experienced is your team in handling business litigation?

Our law firm, led by Attorney Nick Heimlich, has extensive experience in business litigation. We have a proven track record of effectively resolving commercial disputes and protecting our client’s business interests.  Although Mr. Heimlich has many years of experience and many good results for clients, he cannot guarantee any particular outcome or result for a client or case.

Do you offer personalized legal advice for businesses?

Yes, we tailor our legal services to each client’s unique needs. By understanding your business’s specific challenges and opportunities, we provide personalized and effective legal solutions.  A big part of our firm’s focus is understanding our client and their objectives so that our advice is based upon their goals and objectives.  The best advice requires understanding the goal, not simply giving standard advice without regard for our client’s needs or wants.

What methods are used to resolve business disputes?

Business disputes can be resolved through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation. Negotiation involves direct discussions between parties, while mediation uses a neutral third party. Arbitration involves a binding decision by a third party, and litigation takes the dispute to court.  Generally speaking, negotiation is the lowest cost form of dispute resolution and is favorable if a reasonable solution can be reached.  Mediation has costs, but is far more cost effective than full arbitration or litigation.  Both arbitration and litigation tend to be rather expensive both in terms of court or arbitrator fees and legal fees.


What should I expect during my first consultation?

During your first consultation, we will discuss your business’s legal needs and challenges. Our aim here is to understand your situation thoroughly so we can offer tailored legal advice and strategies. The Consultation is about learning the key information to understand the client’s concerns and goals.

How often should my businesses consult with an attorney?

It is recommended that business owners regularly consult with a business attorney to stay updated on legal changes, review contracts, and address any emerging legal issues promptly. Doing so will allow your business to avoid costly problems that may arise in the future.  At a minimum every few months can make sense, but anytime a new significant contract is being reviewed, or a dispute involving over $15,000 or more can justify the need for legal advice.

What should my businesses know about employment law?

Employment law covers employee rights, wage and hour laws, and anti-discrimination regulations. Compliance is vital to avoid legal disputes and maintain a fair workplace.  A key rule is that the sooner you consult with an attorney, the better.  If consulted early, sometimes Mr. Heimlich is able to help suggest ways to try to minimize legal exposure.  That early discussion can offer alternatives to resolving issues or how to manage a problem.  Some key things to consider are anytime you are going to hire, fire, or change compensation structure for an employees, a consultation can make sense.  Also, an initial consultation to understand what is required of an employer is also useful.

Can you assist with wage and hour compliance issues?

Absolutely. We have extensive experience dealing with administrative bodies such as the Department of Labor Standards and Enforcement (DLSE) and can help ensure your business remains compliant with relevant regulations.  Many businesses have questions about wage and hour issues such as minimum wage, overtime, meals and rest breaks and classifying workers as employees or independent contractors.

Choosing Nick Heimlich Law:
A Partnership for Success

At Nick Heimlich Law, we stand as that trusted legal partner, epitomizing the role of a business lawyer in every facet of our service. Our dedication to our clients and their businesses is unwavering, and we take pride in being a pivotal part of their success stories.

Our Proven Track Record in Business Litigation

Our firm’s track record in business litigation is a testament to our effectiveness and capability as business attorney. It showcases our proficiency in handling a wide array of business-related legal challenges.

We are known for helping to resolve cases due to our meticulous approach to each case. Our strategies are not just comprehensive; they are tailored to each business’s unique needs.

we tailor our legal advocacy and expertise to your needs nick he

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Whether navigating complex commercial litigations, handling nuanced contract negotiations, or protecting vital intellectual property, our commitment to your success is unwavering. Under the experienced guidance of Attorney Nick Heimlich and our team of dedicated legal professionals, we ensure that each client’s unique business needs are met with the highest standard of legal excellence. 

At the Law Offices of Nicholas D. Heimlich, our business attorneys understand that each legal challenge presents a unique opportunity for the growth and protection of your business.  From intricate contract negotiations to high-stakes commercial litigations, our commitment is to safeguard and propel your business interests. 

Reach out to us at 5671 Santa Teresa Suite 203, San Jose, CA 95123, call us at 408-550-7288, fax at 408-841-7630, or email, and experience legal partnership that aligns with your business vision.

C O Lee Boyce Jr
C O Lee Boyce Jr
Nick provided me sage advice with my issue. He was efficient, thoughtful, and good natured about the whole process.
David Duckworth
David Duckworth
I recently received legal advice from Nick and he was very professional and easy to talk to. He gave us great advice and I would definitely use him again if needed. Thank you Nick!
Rebecca Bauer
Rebecca Bauer
Nick was excellent! Very knowledgeable, asks great questions, and quickly understood the situation and was able to give great advice. I so appreciated his time, insight, and expertise in assisting with our situation. Highly recommend!
Charles Chen
Charles Chen
Mr. Heimlich has been very responsive to my case and provided extraordinarily useful advice. Thank you!
Mario Cassara
Mario Cassara
Nick Heimlich was very professional and knowledgeable in my case. He left a lot of the worrisome I had in my case to the expert and was very good at what he does. I will recommend Nick to anyone who needs council!Much appreciative,Mario
Taryn Harada
Taryn Harada
This was the first time ever needing a lawyer for something, I was a bit frantic and overwhelmed with everything going on, but Nick and his team were very professional and honest, and made me feel at ease about my case. They were even professional and cool with the opposing attorney even though she was being unprofessional at times. In the end, they were able to settle my case and bring me a satisfying outcome. If you're ever in a bind and need a business lawyer, I highly recommend Nick and his team.
Jay Kamdar
Jay Kamdar
I am an officer at a company that provides B2B Demand Generation services to marketing and sales. Over a number of years, I've worked with Nick Heimlich for legal services. He has advised me well and helped to represent the company in multiple legal disputes including in Court. I am very satisfied with his work and highly recommend him.
Rami Gideoni
Rami Gideoni
I needed some legal consultation and per recommendation I received, I have approached Nicholas. He got back to me quickly and provided great service, he was patient, professional and knowledgeable. His advise is much appreciated, it cleared the situation, draw the next steps to follow and placed my mind to peace .I would definitely recommend his service.
Nick answered all of my questions with direct and concise answers to my situation. Thank you!
Abe Honest
Abe Honest
Mr Heimlich was very professional kind and knowledgeable when I give him a call. I was calling to hire an attorney for an tenant and landlord dispute. I had a particular issue that Mr Heimlich took time to completely listen to me. unfortunately the area I needed help was not an area that Mr Nick practiced. but he was not hesitant to give me some leads and direct me to the right place. he's a man of character and cares about what he does, I can only imagine his level of excellence in his area of expertise. he's a man of great character and I would recommend him for anyone to give him a call and talk to him. thank you very much Nick. thank you for caring .
Tilo S
Tilo S
Nick was very helpful when I needed legal advice.Thank you!
Bay Small Moves
Bay Small Moves
I entered into a membership contract that had unreasonable cancellation requirements. I went to Nick through my company’s employee assistance program. Nick did thorough research and found that the contract term exceeded term limits allowed by California law. As a result, I was able to cancel the contract without any penalty. I was very satisfied with the outcome.
Andyn79 Nguyen
Andyn79 Nguyen
He wasn't able to take me as a client but had about 10 mins so he told me tell me and just from that i was able to be clear and did win from really dishonest people. So i am thank you telling the truth gets it's own reward
Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Nick was very helpful when I needed assistance dissolving an LLC. Not only did he create the appropriate documentation, but he educated me on the process. His guidance was invaluable, and everything resolved smoothly. I would certainly use his services again in the future.
Bonnie Nevitt
Bonnie Nevitt
My family cannot thank Nick enough. We needed a business litigation attorney for a lawsuit that was going to trial, he not only took the time to understand the complexities of the case but was able to convey that to the judge. He was able to get us amazing results. Hands down the best attorney we have ever worked with.
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