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Hiring a trademark attorney can help ensure your brand is lawfully protected against fraud and counterfeits. Additionally, trademarking further establishes brand identity and, as a result, increases brand value in the marketplace. Especially for businesses with tough competition, trademarking may be a necessity to provide your brand and intellectual property with legal protection. 

Establishing brand value calls for companies to develop unique proprietary logos, names, and other forms of intellectual property that company owners use to identify their products or services. Creating a name for products and services helps companies establish an identity and distinguish their offerings from their competitors. It also allows businesses to foster customer loyalty and build a following for their brand.

Our infringement lawyers at the Law Offices of Nick Heimlich have successfully represented numerous clients in brand violation cases. We can help you file your trademark and protect your intellectual property. In case your company has worldwide ambitions, we can also help with quotations by contacting foreign associates to clear the way for your trademark in other countries.

In the marketplace, it’s crucial to have a strong brand that can be enforced by law in cases of trademark infringement. Otherwise, you risk having your brand diluted or copied by another company. Catchy and unique logos, names, and designs create an impression in the minds of potential customers and can help you build a successful business. Worldwide brands include Coca-Cola, Disney Frozen, Google, Nike, and IBM.

Researching for similar trademarks is a task our office performs as part of the brand registration process to ensure eligibility. Since trademarks can’t be registered if they are too similar to an existing mark, thorough research is a vital stage in trademarking to provide legal protection. Lastly, if you plan on doing business internationally, you should consider applying for brands in other countries.

Trademarks are not as easy as people think and can be complicated, especially when handled by an inexperienced trademark infringement attorney. The mistakes may not be realized immediately but can be costly and can lead to legal problems when not done correctly. For these reasons, it’s crucial to have an experienced brand infringement lawyer on your side who can help you avoid these pitfalls.

A Leading Business Attorney San Jose Law Firm

When trademarking your business, you need an attorney with in-depth knowledge and experience to avoid costly mistakes or oversights. You need an infringement lawyer who can help you navigate the complicated legal landscape and employ meticulous methods to ensure maximum legal protection.

Why hire the Law Offices of Nicholas D. Heimlich?

The Law Offices of Nicholas D. Heimlich is a leading business law firm in San Jose with years of experience representing businesses of all sizes in various industries. Our lawyers can help you protect your intellectual property.

Whether you are just starting or an established business, we can help you navigate the complex world of trademark law. We have a team of experienced trademark infringement attorneys knowledgeable in all aspects of brand law and can provide you with the best possible representation.

How do we help?

Having represented numerous San Jose companies, we understand every business’s challenges and are here to help you overcome them. Our lawyers offer various legal services. If you plan on doing business internationally, you should consider applying for brands in other countries. The process of brand registration can be complicated, but our team can help you navigate the process and avoid any pitfalls.

If you are concerned about trademark infringement, our infringement lawyer can help you file a trademark infringement lawsuit to seek compensation. We understand the importance of having a solid brand and will work hard to protect your intellectual property. Hiring an experienced trademark attorney is the best way to protect your business and intellectual property. Contact the Law Offices of Nicholas D. Heimlich today to learn more about how our infringement lawyers can help you.


You have spent a significant amount of time creating your logos, names, and other forms of intellectual property that make up your brand as a whole. Naturally, ensuring legal protection by trademarking your company is of critical importance. Trademark filing helps protect your intellectual property and prevents competitors from using it. If a competitor uses your mark without consent, immediately seeking assistance from our trademark infringement attorney is in your best interest.

Another critical thing to do is protect your trademark by registering it with the USPTO. When your brand gets compromised, the first thing you need to do is to send a cease and desist letter. If the infringing party does not comply, then you may have to file a lawsuit. At the Law Offices of Nicholas D. Heimlich, we have represented company owners in court in many trademark violation cases and know what it takes to succeed.

Remember, trademark infringement affects not just the bottom line of your business but also your reputation. And the customers need a consistent message, value, and experience with your brand, so be on the lookout for policing your brand. Trademark infringement is a legal issue that can significantly impact your business, and you need to make sure that you have an experienced trademark infringement attorney on your side who can help you resolve it.

FAQs About Intellectual Property Infringement

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about trademark infringement.

What Are Different Types of Intellectual Property Cases?

Intellectual property law is a complex and ever-changing area, and various intellectual property cases exist. Some common types of cases include:

Trademark Infringement

Trademark infringement is the unauthorized use of a sign, symbol, or phrase by an individual or entity outside the company. This violation can happen when a competitor uses a similar mark to sell their products or services that are confusingly similar to another company. Trademark violation cases can be complex, and they can be challenging to win without reliable representation. However, if you have a strong case, you may be able to get an injunction against the infringing party and recover damages.

Patent Infringement

Patent infringement cases involve the unauthorized use of someone else’s patented invention. This case can happen when someone makes, uses, or sells a patented design without permission from the patent holder. Patent infringement cases are complex and can be expensive to litigate. 

Copyright Infringement 

These cases involve the unauthorized use of someone else’s copyrighted material. This scenario happens when someone copies a copyrighted work without permission or when they create a derivative work based on a copyrighted work. Copyright infringement cases are often complex and can be challenging to win, especially when a company does it willingly and knowingly. 

Our intellectual property attorneys can review your case and determine the best legal action depending on your particular situation. Should the proceedings lead to litigation, the Law Offices of Nicholas D. Heimlich have experience in copyright infringement cases and can provide excellent legal representation.

Misappropriation Of Trade Secrets

This type of case involves the unauthorized use of a company’s confidential information that is not generally known to the public and has proprietary, classified information. Misappropriation of proprietary data can happen when a competitor or outside entity steals or discloses confidential information without the company’s consent. Confidentiality cases may be expensive to litigate but, in some cases, necessary.

What Damages Or Remedies Are Available For Trademark Infringement Cases?

The consequences of trademark infringement can be grave depending on the severity of the violation. If a company is found to have infringed on your business’ trademark, they may be ordered to stop using the infringing mark and pay damages. 

A few different types of damages or remedies may be available in trademark violation cases. These include:

Injunctive Relief

Injunctive relief is a court order that requires the infringing party to stop using the infringed trademark. This relief is often the most common remedy in trademark violation cases because it can prevent irreparable harm to the trademark holder’s business.

To get an injunction, you will need to show that:

  • You have a valid and enforceable trademark;
  • The infringer is using a confusingly similar trademark; and
  • There is a likelihood of confusion between the two trademarks.

Monetary Damages

Monetary damages are another possible remedy in trademark infringement cases. These are damages awarded to the trademark holder for any losses they have suffered due to the infringement.

Monetary damages can include lost profits, lost sales, and damage to the trademark’s reputation. If you have been harmed by the infringer’s use of your trademark, you may be able to recover your lost profits or the infringer’s profits. You may also be able to recover damages for any damage to your reputation.

To recover monetary damages, you will need to show that:

  • You have a valid and enforceable brand;
  • The infringer is using a confusingly similar trademark; and
  • The infringing use has caused you economic harm.

It can be challenging to prove economic harm, which is often the most difficult part of the case, but an experienced trademark infringement attorney can help.

Treble Damages

Treble damages are damages awarded to the trademark holder three times the amount of their actual losses. Treble damages might be available if the infringer acted willfully or intentionally.

To recover treble damages, you will need to show that:

  • You have a valid and enforceable trademark;
  • The infringer is using a confusingly similar trademark;
  • The infringing use has caused you economic harm; and
  • The infringer acted willfully or intentionally.

Willful infringement is when the infringer knew about your brand and used it anyway. An intentional breach is when the infringer intentionally confuses consumers by using your trademark. Proving willful or deliberate infringement can be long and tedious but offers up to three times compensatory damages.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are damages awarded to the brand holder to punish the infringer and deter future infringement. Punitive damages might be available if the infringer acted willfully or intentionally. Punitive damages can be complicated to recover because they require a high standard of proof.

Attorney Fees

Sometimes, the court may require the infringer to pay the brand holder’s trademark infringement attorney fees. This case is likely to happen if the infringer acted willfully or intentionally or if the infringement was particularly egregious.

The steps in a brand violation case are:

  • The brand holder discovers the infringing use;
  • The brand holder sends a cease and desist letter to the infringer;
  • If the infringer does not stop using the trademark, the brand holder files a lawsuit;
  • The parties exchange information and conduct discovery;
  • Each party files motions with the court;
  • The parties attend a hearing or trial; and
  • If the brand holder prevails, the court will issue an injunction and may award damages.

If you think someone has infringed on your intellectual property, you should consult with an experienced trademark infringement attorney or lawyer. At Nick Heimlich Law, we have a team of infringement lawyers ready to assess your case and promptly take appropriate legal action.

Can You Recover A Trademark Infringement Attorney's Fees For A Violation Case?

Various factors determine whether you’re eligible to receive attorney fee awards. These include:

Federal Courts

Federal courts handle cases where the brand is used in interstate commerce. Under federal law, the court may award reasonable fees to the infringement attorney to the prevailing party in exceptional cases. An exceptional case is one where the violation was willful or intentional or where there are other particular circumstances, such as where the infringer acted in bad faith or where there has been a history of violation.

Federal Courts use the American Rule, which is that each party pays their own fees of an infringement attorney unless a statute or contract provides otherwise. In some instances, the American Rule offers discretion to award attorneys’ or lawyers’ fees to the prevailing party in trademark infringement cases.

The court will consider several factors in deciding whether to award the infringement attorney fees, including:

  • The relative strengths of the parties’ positions;
  • Whether either party acted in bad faith;
  • The degree of success each party achieved; and
  • Whether either party unreasonably prolonged the litigation.

The court may also consider whether awarding the infringement lawyer fees’ would deter future violations.

State Courts

State courts deal with cases where the trademark is used within one state. Each state has laws on whether the court can award the infringement attorney fees to the prevailing party. The factors that a state court will consider are similar to those of federal courts.

Some states, like California, have adopted the American Rule and will not award attorneys’ fees to the prevailing party unless a statute or contract provides otherwise. Other states, like New York, have adopted the British Rule, which is that the prevailing party can recover their attorneys’ or lawyers’ fees from the losing party.

In federal and state courts, the main risk is that you may have to pay the other side’s attorneys’ fees if you:

File A Lawsuit, And You Lose

If you file a trademark infringement lawsuit and lose, you may have to pay the other side’s attorneys’ fees and costs. Consulting with an experienced trademark attorney before filing a lawsuit can help assess your chances of success and determine if it is worth the risk.

File A Frivolous Lawsuit

A frivolous lawsuit is without merit or has no chance of success. If you file a frivolous lawsuit, you may be subject to sanctions from the court. Sanctions mean that the court could order you to pay the other side’s attorneys’ fees and costs or even punish you financially.

State Is Not Favorable To Brand Holders

Another risk is that if you live in a different state than where you are suing, the court may transfer the case to the state where the infringer lives. Moving the case can be a problem if the issue is transferred to a state far away or if the laws in that state are not favorable to brand holders.

Transferred To Federal Court

If you file your lawsuit in state court, the main risk is that the case may be transferred to federal court. Moving the case can be a problem if the issue is transferred to a federal court far away or if the laws in that state are not favorable to brands.

The risks of not filing a lawsuit are that the infringer will continue to use your trademark, and you will continue to suffer damages. The infringer may also register your trademark as their own, which would give them exclusive rights to use the trademark, and you would no longer be able to use it.

At Nick Heimlich Law, our team of trademark infringement attorneys is extensively trained and experienced in trademark infringement laws. We take exhaustive measures to ensure you maximum protection and legal action if your case deems necessary.

How Can I Avoid Infringing Someone Else's Brand?

You can avoid infringing on someone else’s brand by doing a comprehensive search before using a new trademark and ensuring that your pattern is not too similar to an existing mark. You should also consult an experienced attorney who can help you choose and register a solid trademark. You can protect your brand by registering it with the USPTO and using it in commerce. If someone does infringe on your brand, you may be able to file a lawsuit against them.

If you are accused of infringing on someone else’s brand, you should immediately consult with an experienced attorney. You will need to respond to the accusation, and the attorney can help you craft a strong defense.

Leading Trademark Infringement Attorney In San Jose

The decision of whether or not to file a brand violation lawsuit is a difficult one. There are many factors to consider, including the cost of the lawsuit, the risk of losing, and the possibility that confidential information may be made public.

Consulting with an experienced trademark attorney or infringement attorney can help you assess your chances of success and determine if filing a lawsuit is the best course of action for your business. At Nick Heimlich Law, we are an experienced trademark attorney firm that can help you with your infringement case.

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