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Over 10 years of corporate attorney experience in the Bay Area, Attorney Nick Heimlich has successfully handled a dynamic number of cases. From matters concerning incorporation, contract review, and provided employment advising to entrepreneurs in the San Jose area.

Corporate and commercial business disputes often grow when an open line of communication has been compromised. Miscommunication, or no communication at all, between corporate officers and its shareholders is when advising from a corporate attorney is necessary. Officers and board members should be consistent in providing clear communication. Financial statements and progress updates should be done on an annual basis. This type of information, when freely given in the best circumstances, can resolve many legal disputes.

Officer’s salaries and benefits can be another point of contention that lead to legal disputes. At Nick Heimlich Law, we advise clients’ to follow the best practice of a CEO not voting on his compensation. It is always important to consider if salary and benefits are reasonable and are following the industry standard. And of course, it is still vital to document any decision made.

Business disputes are a result of a break in a business agreement or communication. For example, if someone is failing to pay for or deliver services or goods. Attorney Nick Heimlich has represented clients seeking compensation for services or products. Additionally, Counselor Heimlich has defended a vast amount of claims for payment due to broken business agreements. In most cases, clients have had legal or factual defenses limiting their liability. Negotiating a resolution for unpaid bills is something Nick Heimlich Law has vast experience in doing. Learn more about the business law experience of Counselor Heimlich here.

Contract disputes need to be evaluated by a corporate attorney. Nick Heimlich Law has assisted high tech service providers, hardware support, software support, and software developers, among many others. Similarly, he has helped medical providers and other corporate attorney San Jose who have had legal disputes with unpaid bills. Hire a proficient corporate attorney near me to evaluate your case.

Nick Heimlich Law has helped Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, Alameda, and Contra Costa County with court cases. Many clients with annual reports and financial statements disputes.

Relevant Experience to Look for.

A corporate attorney can influence if a legal dispute progresses constructively or aggravates the argument at hand. If a relationship with a business partner or shareholder goes wrong, your choice of a corporate attorney San Jose can make or break the conversations being had. Problems can be raised or dealt with preemptively by an experienced law firm such as Nick Heimlich Law.
relevant experience to look for nick heimlich law
saving small and large businesses is the foundation of nick heimlich law

How to Hire a Corporate Attorney:

For small to large business disputes, consider their relevant corporate attorney near me experience. If they’ve handled and won similar cases, such as incorporation and contact review. Furthermore, if they have adequate support staff and enough personnel to handle cases sufficiently. Lastly, if they’re familiar with the local setting. Nick Heimlich Law for faithful and proven legal representation.

Nick Heimlich Law firm has successfully won wage claims, employee claims, business litigation, and breach of contract claims. Alongside federal court litigation experience from the United States to the Central District of California and the Eastern District of California Heimlich Law has the expertise you need.

This firm has also handled the Department of Labor Standards and Enforcement (DLSE) court cases. Located in downtown San Jose, Nick Heimlich Law has had the privilege of representing both employers and employees in the past legal disputes.

The Law Offices of
Nicholas D. Heimlich is a Top Option

Is Your Company at a Loss?

Attorney Nick Heimlich and his team find it especially rewarding when opportunities to help small and large businesses to continue sustainable progress and providing jobs. Corporate attorney San Jose cases can be particularly challenging when a company doesn’t realize there has been some mismanagement, and money is about to run out. Nick Heimlich and his team will find all possibilities to position a company back to a stage of continual growth.

Mismanagement of funds is the most common reason a business may fail. This happens because a business is supporting the personal lifestyle of its owners and not prioritizing the operation of the business’ profitability.

A simple way to find fraud within a company is to limit the number of people who can spend company funds. For example, few credit cards should be issued to as they can be considered a blank check by some. Non-business items such as gas, travel expenses, groceries, among other things. Learn more about successful Nick Heimlich Law fraud and corporate theft cases here.

Are Former Employees Disputing with Your Company?

Business disputes can also proceed from the employees or former employees of businesses. Counselor Heimlich has dealt with differences among former employees, such as in front of the California Department of Labor Standards and Enforcement (“DLSE”). Corporate attorney near me Nick Heimlich has handled cases involving unpaid wages, failure to pay wages, penalty wages, minimum wage claims, and waiting time penalties. Nick Heimlich Law has also successfully won cases dealing with failure to issue a final paycheck timely, among other skillfully handled cases. Perhaps your business is facing a notice from the California Department of Labor Standards and Enforcement? Contact corporate attorney San Jose Nick Heimlich Law.

Are Customers, Partners, or Shareholders Disputing with Your Business?

At times business owners may get into disputes with each other. These types of conflicts can be caused by differences in business strategy. For example, what type of business to conduct, marketing goals, or operational issues, and other such expenses. Nick Heimlich firm often gets contacted due to a business ownership communication breakdowns. Liability and lose profits or return of monies invested by a departing party are issues corporate attorney near me Nick Heimlich Law has successfully handled and won. If two or more parties keep coming to different crucial conclusions or perspectives involving your business hire legal professionals — allow our law practice to help.

Typical Types of Corporate Attorney Claims:

Individual legal claims handled by corporate attorney San Jose Nick Heimlich Law have included failure to pay employees, breached fiduciary duties, self-dealing, and failure to provide corporate inspection records to name a few. Other successfully handled cases have also included using corporate expenses for personal needs or purposes. Fraud can also occur if a party claims the need to be reimbursed for false expenses or not correctly reporting the sales within the business.

Nick Heimlich Law is Skilled in Mediation

Mediation is when two parties or more agree to meet with a third party, or mediator, to negotiate a voluntary resolution over a legal dispute. The mediator is agreed upon by the parties and is typically an experienced attorney or former judge familiar with similar legal disputes being negotiated.

A mediator does not have the power to force the parties to accept any proposed resolution but is there to provide counsel and ability to reach a decision. If the parties cannot agree or reach a settlement at mediation, other alternatives will have to be considered or another possible negotiation at a later date.

If the mediation proves successful, a formal settlement is then agreed upon, created, and signed that day. Take note, it is critical the agreement is fully signed that day. If not, the terms could need to be renegotiated after the mediation.

Below are some typical questions about corporate attorney lead mediations.

A Balanced Approach

Although no attorney can guarantee a resolution, corporate attorney San Jose Nick Heimlich vows to handle each case with a balanced approach. Nick Heimlich Law is ready to provide a steady, skilled hand that will lead your case with expertise towards a solution for you and your dispute. If needed, Nick Heimlich Law can also provide proficient litigation in court or arbitration at any time. Learn more of the litigation experience of Nick Heimlich Law firm here.

A Voluntary and Constructive Approach

Corporate attorney near me Nick Heimlich approaches business disputes willing to go to court to resolve things if constructive for the case. Even voluntarily, Nick Heimlich Law brings a proven strategy to each case handled. Our case history includes business disputes such as partnership disputes, contract disputes, accounting disputes, shareholder disputes, lawsuits, and arbitrations.

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