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The Law Offices of Nicholas D. Heimlich pays referrals fees to attorneys that refer clients to our firm. The referrals fees are paid according to the California Rules of Professional Conduct. The referral fee percentage is based upon actual fees paid or recovered after costs in a given case and is based upon how quickly the case is resolved generally ranging from 25-35% of the net fees.

Why should attorneys refer cases?

  • If they do not practice business law or litigation.
  • The attorney is not licensed in California.
  • The attorney is not familiar with franchise disputes, trademark disputes, or patent infringement.
  • The attorney may not have the resources or experience to handle litigation against large multinational companies represented by large law firms.

Alternatives to Referral, Co-Counsel, Association of counsel:

If you wish to take on a case, but need the expertise of another attorney to assist with parts of the case, procedural strategy, litigation strategy or planning, Nick Heimlich is also willing to work together on the case with you to provide assistance to better serve the client without referring the entire case to our firm.

Out of State Attorneys:

At our firm we are always looking to meet attorneys from other states who can assist us with cases that arise in other jurisdictions and to enhance our ability to serve clients whose cases cross state lines. If you would like to work as co-counsel in out of State cases or to use our firm as local counsel, then please contact:

Nick Heimlich, Esq.

Email: info@nickheimlichlaw.com

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