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Never Let Your Company Be Undermined or Hurt by Claims of Unfair Competition

Nov 28, 2020

If you run a business, you want it to be successful. While many outside your company will admire your success, others are going to be downright jealous. Even if you strive to follow all the good-faith rules and regulations that a California business should, other players in the field might still come out and make claims against you.

Certain businesses will actually believe that they have serious claims against you, but there will sadly be some that just want to tarnish your reputation and hurt your image. Such tactics are questionable in nature, but you need to set aside your frustration and make sure that they’re dealt with effectively in order to protect your business. Talk with the top San Jose litigation lawyer today.

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Unfair Competition Claims

One particular tactic that others might try to employ against you is by claiming that you or your business are using unfair business practices that have an adverse impact on your competition. This usually means misleading consumers to gain market share and the revenue that comes with it, which would mean taking business from competitors, and therefore you want to be proactive in limiting your personal liability. Frequently claimed kinds of unfair competition can include all of the following:

Bait-and-Switch Tactics: This happens when a business offers a certain product at an attractive price point in order to lure customers in for the purchase, but then claiming the item has sold out and then offering similar items at high prices.

False Advertising: This involves a business making specific claims that are alluring to consumers, but the business doesn’t have the capacity to uphold such claims.

Rumor-Mongering: This happens when a business starts spreading malicious information about a competitor in order to tarnish its reputation.

Trademark Infringements: This can happen when a business uses either the material or materials similar to trademarked content of other businesses. For example, this could be slogans or logos used for consumer confusion, hoping to make them think they’re actually interacting with the original company.

Wage and Hour claims: Employees may sue you for claimed wages or benefits. As part of that they may also claim unfair competition because of the alleged violations of wage and hour law.

Unfair competition can take many other forms, too, so your own business might have to deal with claims from others for quite a few reasons. Your business’s reputation is at risk here, and you never want things like this to result in your own losses.

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Defending Your Business

You need to be ready if another party alleges unfair competition against your business and avoid alter ego liability. Get as much information as you can about how to prevent damage and defend your company and reputation. If you need a commercial litigation attorney, then consider the Law Offices of Nicholas D Heimlich.

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