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The firm represents Dentists with many of their legal issues. Dentists, like many other small businesses, run into legal issues while operating. Examples of issues that Dentists run into include:

  • Employment Issues (wage and hour issues, minimum wage, overtime, meal and rest breaks, exempt versus non-exempt workers, time tracking, employee claims or disputes).
  • Contractor Issues (with service providers to dentists, and sometimes the alleged misclassification of employees as contractors).
  • Contracts (such as with patients, vendors, or other service providers).
  • Business Transition (breakup, formation).
  • Trademark/Servicemark Issues (including applying for Trademarks/Servicemarks, and disputes regarding Trademarks/Servicemarks).
  • Claims of Negligence by patients or others.
  • Personal Injury Claims should a patient trip or fall in your office.

While you should seek to insure against many of these claims, insurance will not always cover every issue and sometimes there are coverage lapses or exclusions.