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Plan Ahead To Avoid A Partnership Dispute

Oct 25, 2019

Plan ahead and make sure if there is a disagreement that your company has a legal roadmap to follow by speaking to a San Jose business dispute lawyer. In the early planning stages of a business, partnership dispute solutions can be drawn out in legal documents that’ll save you money and time. A critical issue that is helpful to discuss includes what will happen if one or more business owners become unable to perform his or her obligations to the partnership, or decides to sell their interest in the company.

A business’s governing or legal documents can protect you from unforeseen and worst-case scenarios. All parties involved can have legally mandated knowledge and guidance on how disputes will be handled. Well-prepared legal remedies and courses of action can potentially save a company.

Make Sure A Plan Of Action Is In Writing

Even the most successful relationships experience bad operating agreements. That inevitable fork in the road that brings a difference of opinions can be quickly dealt with — if you plan ahead. Arranging the dynamics of a business partnership in legal documentation, for good and bad times, can help all parties involved in many worst-case scenarios.

Business owners, especially, need to be aware of this reality. If overlooked, expensive litigation costs and more troublesome challenges can develop. Mediation and arbitration are often more cost-effective solutions than litigation. Many small businesses often never recover from costly litigation partnership disputes.

California laws for governing business partnerships are “one size fits all.” State laws provide a standardized set of rules that are often adopted from precedent and outdated. Most businesses, if they avoid planning ahead, are left barely protected by legal standards. Business partners who, from the beginning stages, decide to agree on disagreement remedies and processes are protecting their company and their investments of time and money.

If lacking a predetermined agreement, your business will be exposed and at the mercy of weak, outdated rules. Customized legal solutions can assist in lessening confusion, costs, and stress. Nick Heimlich Law has helped many clients begin a planning phase — contact a business litigation attorney.

Mediation And Arbitration Are The Most Cost-Effective

Defining partnership dispute resolutions — and how they will be legally handled — is an essential part of any healthy business plan. How a disagreement will be handled can save all parties involved time, money, and peace of mind. Partnership dispute guidelines and resolutions protect a business from the most costly and stressful worst-case scenarios.

Mediation and arbitration are generally, by far, more cost-effective than litigation. If these forms of resolution aren’t mandated, there will be no requirement for parties to engage in alternative dispute resolutions and will have to resort to costly litigation that can lead to costlier trial proceedings. The key to a robust and forward-looking company — and its continuing success — often lies in well-drafted legal documents.

Hire An Experienced Business Law Attorney

Hire an experienced business law attorney to put your agreements in writing — Nick Heimlich Law can ensure they are legally enforceable and meet your company’s needs. Once a discussion of your partnership dynamics and differences begins, make sure to hire an experienced attorney to protect your business adequately. Then, if disputes do arise, business partners can look to legal documents for guidance. Legal documentation of predetermined dispute resolutions can inform owners on boundaries, guidelines, and more.

Planning ahead and finding the most cost-effective measures for partnership disputes is what our business lawyers are trained and experienced to do. Speak to a San Jose business dispute lawyer or read frequently asked questions about business disputes. Help yourself by using our experience and knowledge to protect and guide your company. Avoid costly partnership dispute — contact Nick Heimlich Law for a free evaluation today.

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