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Brazen Racing’s 10K Rocky Ridge Race

Oct 1, 2016

Attorney Nick Heimlich recently joined Brazen Racing’s 10K Rocky Ridge Race. The event was held last October 1, 2016. There was also a half marathon and a 5K run segment of the event.

Attorney Heimlich is an active participant in numerous sports activities in the community. For example, he joined the Tour de Menlo event which took place last August. Tour de Menlo is an annual bike race event for raising funds for scholarships and for helping out the local community.

The Rocky Ridge Race on the other hand was a test of the physical endurance of the participants though trail running. The trail for the race is filled with hills, dirt trails, and some paved stretches. The race was held within the Las Trampas Regional Wilderness area, which covers 5,342-acre.

Nick Heimlich joined the 10k stretch of the race. While not particularly physically challenging, especially to someone who is fit and who does a lot of exercises and physical activities, the 10K race did pose some challenges to the participants.

The ruggedness of the trail, combined with the uphill sections were the challenging aspects of the race. But since Attorney Heimlich is an experienced participant in races like that, he did not experience any difficulty during the race.

Attorney Nick Heimlich is also scheduled to join the 7th Annual Wheels for Meals Ride which is scheduled on October 29, 2016. Wheels for Meals Ride is an annual bike ride organized to help Meals on Wheels of Alameda County.

Meals on Wheels of Alameda County is a feeding program that prepares more than 2,000 meals for seniors in the Alameda County area each weekday. The ride is meant to raise funds for the program through the registration of participants and through the fundraising efforts of the riders.

There will be a packet pickup event scheduled on October 28th which will be held at the Sports Basement store in San Ramon, where food and drinks for the participants will be served. On the day of the ride itself, there will be a BBQ with entertainment, booths, and refreshments for the participants to help keep things fun for everyone.

The organizers of the ride aim to raise as much as $180,000 from the event, which would translate to more than 22,000 meals for seniors all over the county. That should be a huge boost for Meals on Wheels of Alameda County which supplies meals to more than two thousand seniors while providing wellness checks at the same time.

The ride has three routes that participants can choose from. The 15 mile route is fun and family-friendly, the 35 mile route is ideal for cyclists with intermediate skills, and the 70-mile route which is meant for experienced cyclists because of the steep climbs.

Nick Heimlich is an experienced litigation lawyer. He is also an enthusiast when it comes to events like the Wheels for Meals Ride where there is a chance to have some fun, do some physical activities and help out the community all at the same time.

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