San Jose Lawyer

As a lawyer based in San Jose, I am familiar with local court rules for Santa Clara County, including for items such as contested motions.  I also often appear in downtown San Jose court for my cases, including matters such as Case Management Conferences, Demurrers, Motions for Summary Judgment, and Settlement Conferences.  I’ve also participated in the Court’s alternative dispute programs by representing clients who engage in Rule 4 Settlement Conferences with Court appointed neutrals.  I have represented multiple clients who have settled their matters thru alternative dispute resolution, such as a Rule 4 Conference, mediation, or a Court settlement conference.  I’m also familiar with the filing procedures and delays for many items, which can help explain to clients the status of their cases.

As a respected and experienced San Jose Lawyer, Attorney Nicholas D. Heimlich is aware that a small business lawyer should be aware of what is happening in the area where most of the clients would come from. As a lifelong San Jose resident, he is very much familiar with what is going on there and the surrounding cities.

A business lawyer should be aware of what is happening in the area so that he can respond to the needs of his clients more effectively. Another thing that he should be familiar with would be the cases that would normally affect a small business. Some of the things that a San Jose Lawyer should be familiar with include business formation, breach of contract, and business disputes. The firm has handled cases dealing with those matters in the San Jose area.

Many business owners in San Jose who seek the help of a corporate attorney, or a lawyer who deals with business matters, are at a loss in matters dealing with business formation. They are at a loss as to whether they should incorporate their business or what benefits they can get from doing so.

Another crucial decision that needs to be decided upon during the formation of a business is where it should be incorporated. That’s because different areas have different laws and regulations concerning corporations. How the profits of a business will be handled will also have an effect on choosing how where to setup a business.

The good news is that aside from being an experienced litigation lawyer Attorney Heimlich can also give guidance to clients concerning business formation. He has helped numerous enterprises that are just starting out to take the correct first step in setting up.

On top of being a high technology lawyer who knows the latest developments, Nick Heimlich also has experience when it comes to breaches of contract. There are many reasons why breaches of contract can happen, but no matter what the reason is a San Jose Lawyer should be ready to handle the case.

The San Jose firm has handled numerous cases dealing with breach of contract. Many cases can be resolved even before court filing. Sometimes, a court filing really becomes necessary and in that case, a San Jose Lawyer would be helpful. That is why having someone like Attorney Heimlich on one’s side can be very crucial.

The services of the firm can be useful even before there is a breach of contract. The firm can review the contracts of clients in order to minimize the costs that they can potentially incur from disputes arising from those agreements. An experienced San Jose Lawyer like Nick Heimlich would suggest that contracts that are worth $10,000 and above should be reviewed. That’s because a person can sue for contracts that go are below $10,000 in small claims in the state of California.

Breaches of contract can happen on all levels of business transactions. Sometimes it can deal with franchise businesses. One could be trying to leave a franchise agreement which can be a tricky thing. The sure thing is that Attorney Nicholas D. Heimlich would be able to help with cases in the San Jose area.