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Commercial Litigation Attorney

Commercial litigation involves practically every type of dispute that can arise in a business context; this may include a breach of contract, trademark, fraud, partnership disputes, and franchise disputes. Given the broad nature of commercial litigation, some attorneys are not specialized in every area of business law, which is why finding appropriate counsel for your case is crucial.

Litigation can be conducted in a variety of venues, from federal and state courts to administrative hearings or private arbitrations, depending on the specific details of a case. When you get legal help from a commercial litigation attorney who understands the logistics of a business case and has experience holding the liable party responsible, you can move forward swiftly to positive outcomes.

Lead commercial litigator, Nick Heimlich, has represented many clients in commercial litigation matters, equipping him with invaluable experience. Nick Heimlich has worked on cases involving matters of collections, patent infringement, fraud, employment, breach of contract, deceptive trade practices, and product liability, to name a few.

Nick Heimlich Law Handles A Wide Range Of Commercial Litigation Cases, Including:

What To Expect When Working With Nick Heimlich Law?

If you are dealing with a business dispute as described above, having a lawyer by your side can make a significant impact on your entire case. When you choose a knowledgeable attorney who understands the logistics of commercial litigation, you will be positioned at the most optimal place to win your case.

Cost-Effective Dispute Resolution and Transactions

Well-negotiated, well-drawn contracts backed by skilled due diligence are the best defense against commercial litigation and business disputes. That said, legal disputes do happen. When that occurs, it is vital to have a San Jose commercial litigation attorney who will protect your interests.

Our commercial litigation attorney practice encompasses many of the standard business issues clients routinely face. Regardless of the root cause of the case, our firm is devoted to providing efficient and effective business litigation services that solves our client's current legal concerns and protects their future business interests.

Early Resolutions Through Negotiation

Because of our commercial litigation experience, businesses and individuals often seek our help when dealing with legal disputes. We work for early resolution through proficient negotiation, but are always prepared and able to take disputes into court and even through the appellate process.

Our commercial litigation attorney services include representation for business clients named as defendants and plaintiffs in disputed matters involving:

  • Intellectual property rights, copyrights, and trademarks
  • Licensing and distribution agreements
  • Commercial claims for malpractice and professional liability
  • Commercial insurance property claims and policy coverage

Within our business and insurance litigation focus, our attorneys have extensive experience in dispute resolution and commercial litigation involving:

  • Class action: Experienced management and prosecution of class actions
  • Employment: Representation in negotiations and commercial litigation concerning all areas of federal and state employment law
  • Business and Insurance Litigation Appeals

Rapid Response To Your Legal Need

In commercial litigation and transactional work, our sense of urgency to serve our clients well is unmatched. Contact us and submit a case today to discuss your legal business requirements.

Our firm has extensive experience in handling appellate matters for clients. Because appeals often focus on procedural issues, it is essential to have a lawyer who concentrates on California appellate law.

How to Hire a Litigation Attorney

A proven record of success is the best way to find an efficient commercial litigation attorney in San Jose. One of the most important things to consider is discussing with your attorney similar cases — make sure they have handled cases that relate to your legal dispute. For more details on Nick Heimlich Law practice areas, click here.

To hire the best commercial litigation attorney who can meet your objectives, ensure past cases are similar to yours, and, most importantly, resolved successfully. The successes of our San Jose commercial litigation attorney team for our clients are many. 

Experience In Resolved And Successful Outcomes

Experience is a crucial aspect that needs to be considered when hiring your legal representation. Business disputes happen when a company's shareholders stop trusting each other, and the argument then goes beyond conversation into court meetings. It's essential to be confident that your corporate litigation attorney has handled and, more importantly, resolved successful outcomes for their clients.

As an attorney specializing in a business litigation practice, Nick Heimlich represents small and large businesses in San Jose commercial litigation attorney advising with faithful expertise and proficiency. Whatever the case may be, you need proper representation from a commercial litigation attorney who is familiar with business law.

Business Formation — Disputes often stem from a lack of full disclosure of company revenue or expenses. Benefits and salary disagreements can also be why you need to hire a litigation lawyer.

Investment Fraud — Failure to provide a business's material information related to its sale of shares can result in fraud. If there are multiple shareholders, this has often been the cause of many legal disputes.

Trademark Filing and Litigation — Companies may go beyond protecting their valid trademarks to using them in an anti-competitive way to prevent competitors from providing similar products. One must be diligent in policing its trademarks, to not dilute your value to customers, and protect your trademark rights. Nick Heimlich Law has represented clients in trademark disputes before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and Federal Court.

Collections — A hardship can be imposed on your business when someone steals from you. The stolen good or unpaid service could have helped a paying customer. Your business fails to gain profit, and your customer loses a valuable product or service.

For many more possible causes of legal disputes within a business, your corporate litigation lawyer must be experienced. Contact us and submit a case today to discuss how we can help your case.

Hire A Commercial Litigation Attorney You Can Count On

Consider a litigation lawyer with accomplished expertise. Your problems with contract disputes can be handled masterfully by a team of proven commercial litigation attorney professionals. Nick Heimlich Law is accomplished in civil and business disputes for a variety of clients.

Alongside proven success with an impressive list of case results, Nick Heimlich Law has handled several commercial litigation disputes, including corporate counseling, entity selection, contracts, corporate formalities, and trademark applications.

Protecting Small and Large Businesses is the Foundation of Nick Heimlich Law

Standing up for the rights of small and large businesses is what this law practice has been built on. Nick Heimlich Law has handled many commercial litigation attorney in San Jose cases and with proficiency and skill.

You want an experienced commercial litigation attorney team on your side when you are represented in court. Our firm is also highly familiar with state and federal court procedures and proceedings. We have worked on many hearings from the nearby historic San Jose courthouse to federal courthouses. Our team has championed the legal cases of countless clients.

Reviewing Contracts — Minimize costs that can arise in legal disputes. Nick Heimlich Law suggests reviewing contracts that are worth $10,000 or more, and so not considered a small claim.

Preventative Assistance — Be protected with preventative legal counseling. Nick Heimlich Law can provide legal support before a breach of contract occurs.

Commercial litigation is an exceptionally dynamic area of law practice. Seeking experienced representation to bring your lawsuit to court successfully is essential. The Nick Heimlich Law legal team has a proven track record of success and will dedicate our resources to pursue a favorable outcome for your case relentlessly.

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